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Watching a lowbrow simpleton like Trump do victory laps in front of his MAGA crowd is distasteful to be sure but we need to remember that we don't yet know the full contents of the Mueller report.

Robert Mueller had a huge hurdle in front of him namely: to prove without a shadow of a doubt that there was a deliberate conspiracy to work with a foreign power to rig an election. Was there clumsy contact and attempts to derail the Clinton campaign? Absolutely and there were 37 indictments by Mueller that prove the point of there being subterfuge afoot.

Trump isn't clever enough to have concocted some elaborate plan to work with Putin but if we get our hands on his taxes we will find evidence of tax evasion and likely money laundering via the banks known for dealing with international crooks. There have been likely dealings that contravene the US emoluents clause.

Turtle boy Mitch McConnell will do his utmost to block the release of the report but, even if it is and incriminating evidence is found, the Senate will not impeach. However, once out of office, Trump is fair game for prosecution.

The best option for the American people is to let this be an unfortunate nightmare and draw their lesson from it. It is time to remake some version of an American dream by returning to a fairer landscape not rigged with obstacles at every turn.

However, it will not take a centrist to do that but instead someone with real political courage and, if they elect another Clinton clone in Joe Biden, you can be sure that lobbyists, multinationals and billionaires will continue to run the country.


  1. Believe it or not, I'm gonna inject some optimism here. I was a Russia-gate skeptic, watched evidence mount, and shifted to an agnostic about it. Of course Trump and his cohorts are criminals. We know that. They know that. (Except for Trump himself, who thinks he cannot be a criminal by definition of Trump.) But, he's (a) so stupid he could be played by any country's leader without any collusion being necessary; (b) too narcissistic to actually cede power and be somebody's puppet; and (c) cozies up to dictators not because he's working with them to undermine America, but because he just likes them, would like to be like them, and likes it when they flatter him. I'm not surprised that Mueller found indicted all sorts of criminals, but refused to exonerate Trump on obstruction of justice without being able to say he actually acted with the requisite mens rea, and that there was no good evidence of collusion during the time period he was obliged to investigate. The Establishment Democrats are just so friggen stupid! They wanted Mueller to be their Deus ex Machina so that they didn't have to wrestle with the real issues facing America in order to beat him.

    And therein lies my optimism. Because now we CAN talk about the real issues. The media has egg all over its idiot face just like it did with WMDs in the W days. Loons like Rachel Maddow (whose demise breaks my heart, as I was one of the people petitioning to get her MSNBC in the 00's.) She, and the rest of the mainstream media went for the highly unlikely Manchurian Candidate scenario, and pushed that narrative instead of actually investigating what was really going on. Sure, Trump and the Republicans get to say Fake News, but it's the one thing they say that has just a slight bit of merit. It's just that, in the words of the great Paul Waldman, "Progressives dislike the media because it sucks at its job. Conservatives dislike the media because it exists."

    I always wondered at what moment Mueller would release his report. Whether he we were waiting for a Congress who might listen if he recommended impeachment. Well, that didn't happen, but could he have picked a better time to release what he did? Think about it: The average American has the attention span of a gnat. It's March 2019. The election is November 2020. That's an eternity. This will be ancient history by the time the next election rolls around. It'll be, to borrow a phrase, a nothing burger. Good.

    The Establishment has been robbed of its sexy scandal, and candidates screaming about enforcing anti-trust laws, Medicare for All and other progressive causes can do so without Russiagate dominating the news. That's a good thing. The Democrats were never going to win on Russiagate. Polls constantly showed that the American public didn't care about it. We care about the anxiety with which we live knowing that our access to life-saving drugs can be taken from us at any time; that no matter how hard we work, we can't save any money; that the climate is becoming uninhabitable for upcoming generations, etc. If the Democrats campaigned on Russia and lacked substance, they'd lose. And hell, Cult45 wouldn't abandon Trump if he raped, killed and ate a boy on live TV,

    Now, of course the entire report should be released, not just Barr's summary. And it will. But I'm thankful for Mueller's doing his job, taking down a lot of people in high places who should not have been there, and for releasing his report with time for it to become a non-issue by the election. So now, let's finish what we started in 2016!



    1. God I hope you're right Caryn. I still fear that so many Americans see him as a radical leftie whereas in Canada we view him as a decent caring politician. In that way I dont understand your country

  2. Heh, only in America is Bernie Sanders a "radical leftie." But honestly, that's propaganda. Americans are weird. We're stupid & anti-intellectual. We take it on unfounded faith that we're the greatest place on Earth. We hate to read (or don't know how). We believe what the voice on the TV or the Intertubes says.

    But on one matter, we're savvy: Authenticity. Not recognizing lies (if half the country can fall for Trump, it can be sold any bridge). But authentic personality. Democrats have been pandering to people by *pretending to be like them" forever. Americans HATE that. Dukakis got stuck his head out of a tank donning a helmet 3 sizes too big. John Kerry dressed up in a hunting outfit, and went on a goose hunt with voters who were thereafter more likely to vote for the goose. Hillary told African Americans she carried around hot sauce in her pocket.

    Her husband figured it out: Americans will always vote for someone strong and wrong over someone weak and right. Bill lied plenty, but his ethos, the character that he played, was himself. So did Paul Wellstone, a "radical leftie" Minnesota Senator who would have been reelected by Republicans in his district until the end of time had he not been killed.

    The more exposure Hillary got, the more her favorability went down. With Bernie, the effect is always the opposite. The more Americans of any stripe but hard-core bigot hear him talk, the more they like him. Because they're suffering, he knows it, and he offers solutions without changing his accent, his appearance - he doesn't even comb his hair. That's why the media won't give him exposure. They have to *hide* him.

    What he needs is a savvy group of diverse "insider rebels" to run his campaign. And you know what? He's got 'em! The CVs of the names of the people he's hired, wow! Genuine political operatives who've been waiting for someone like him to be viable. Nothing is guaranteed, but this can happen. His team gets him the right exposure in the right states at the right time. He's still Bernie, but coached. The Establishment splits its vote among too many people. Warren and Gabbard drop out, and direct their delegates to vote for Bernie, putting him over the top, preventing the SuperDelegates from voting. The DSA has already endorsed him by a 70/30 vote, indicating to its members, yeah, this is the year to register Democrat. They will not run their own candidate in any state. If the Green Party does likewise, whoa! Nina Turner will play a major role in the campaign for the black vote, and is on the shortlist for VP.

    The corporate media and Establishment Democrats are *terrified" and tripping over themselves. Biden is being astonishingly stupid. They've trial ballooned the idea of Howard Schultz. They're pretending Beto outraised Bernie in small donations and hiding the details. They're *flailing*. It's a sight to behold.

    Oh, it's gonna be a fight. But bring it. It's the electoral equivalent of WWII, and we know it. Strong and wrong still beats weak and right, especially for Republicans who just found out Trump raised their taxes. It's not preordained; it's not gonna be easy; BUT it's not impossible.

    You "know" me. I'm horrified by Trump. I'm frightened & pessimistic. But I follow this stuff closely, and have worked in professional politics. Bernie is doing things that have me feeling something I have not felt since Sept. 2016 when I was doing the math, and my friends all called me crazy for predicting that Hillary's loss: HOPE. I think there was some other unlikely dude who recently won the presidency against the odds on a hope slogan. That, and "Yes, We Can!"


    1. oh I know you're a bit of a leftie just like me ! :):)


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