at close range

I will admit to being a little hesitant before stepping out of my car and going into Louise's place but then I told myself not to worry. At worst, the Mary Kay representative would then get to meet what could possibly be her first transgender customer.

She greeted me at the door all smiles and consumately maquillaged. After some initial pleasantries, she then proceeded to tell me how she had envisioned our session going. This would involve removing my foundation and cleansing my skin. Now as clear of facial hair my face might be, it is not good enough under that close a scrutiny so I refrained from removing my foundation. She was fine with that and proceeded to show me other products.

By now I could tell that she didn't know I was trans and so I just went with it which was quite the confidence booster. A couple of times she referred to her male customers and what they do versus what we do and then I was more than certain. As a result I am now pretty much afraid of nothing in way of interactions at close range. I relaxed and was myself which wouldn't have been quite as possible in such a situation as little as a year ago when it would have been more stress inducing.

I am teaching myself the value of being yourself overriding concerns about passing. If you are read it matters less than inspiring confidence in the other person which counts for so much more.


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