bare-legged girl

Since the official end of winter, this was the first morning I left the house in a skirt and heels. I had first put on my jeans but thought the better of it when I stepped outside briefly to gauge the temperature. At 12C it felt appropriate to make the change and I have been out bare legged in lower temperatures. I cannot abide wearing any kind of hosiery and only did so during the years when leg shaving was simply not an option for me.

Today my legs are always smooth (well for the most part) and hence will opt to cream them just before slipping into my pumps. Most women (that I have observed) no longer wear pantyhose anyway and will only wear tights during the winter.

I love the freedom of a bare leg in a skirt or dress and since mine are not too badly mangled, I feel I can get away with it. In fact many women compliment me on them. Louise, the Mary Kay representative, recently asked me if I had ever modelled which was a huge confidence booster.

NB: I have now added a post history and when you click on the little stripes on the top right of my page, you will access to it. Should wake it easier for you to navigate my site (thank you Halle for the suggestion).


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