A permanent feeling of happiness is not possible in this life because it is only one of our natural states. To be perennially happy would be unnatural since this is not what being human is. What is possible however is a certain level of contentment which factors in the rises and falls inherent in our existence; understanding that even in the course of the same day we will run a gamut of emotional states must be part of that equation.

With time the rhythms and patterns of our lives become recognizable and we know we will be able to surmount a setback of a magnitude we have faced before. Familiarity of experience has toughened our psyches and softens the blow with a sense of perspective we don't possess when we are twenty.

This is pivotally important because rounding off the peaks and valleys will help our navigation since we know that getting too high will only make that inevitable fall that much more painful and dramatic. So while this may seem like a dour approach, it's not meant to be. It is instead meant to reinforce our steadiness.

This technique takes into account the natural disasters baked into our lives and accepts that they must happen as part of our growth. My own have shaped who I am and help open my eyes to a cruelty in life that isn't always intentional but is sometimes the product of circumstances we may tempted to attribute to divine disfavor.


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