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Anne Vitale very accurately describes gender dysphoria as "gender expression deprivation anxiety" and I would argue that a good measure of the severity of yours is how long you can deprive yourself of that expression and not feel uncomfortable.

Unless you are like my friend Calie who resides on the transsexual side of the spectrum and employs some sort of superhuman Jedi mind tricks to avoid from transitioning, the rest of you should be able to determine the strength of your cross gender feelings by measuring how long you can go without expressing them.

My trick for a long time was to pretend they weren't really there until that became too hard. You must have or have had yours too.

It's not a contest and there's no right answer but just know that everyone is different in this massive global village we inhabit.


  1. If I may, I suggest that one's gender deprivation anxiety is useful as a measurement scale to help determine where one is under the transgender umbrella (or the Harry Benjamin scale). Treat each step as an experiment, and after the euphoria dissipates make an assessment:

    a) Doesn't feel good/right, so take a step back, it's okay!
    b) Feels good, right, and satisfied to stay.
    c) Awareness that the next step is desirable and not as large a step as might have previously been felt.

    Repeat as needed.

    1. That is precisely my point Emma. It does indeed mirror the Benjamin scale 😀

    2. Bingo! Completely agree, Emma. I've always liked Vitale's term. Personally, I wouldn't mind expanding the terminology to something more universal, like Self Expression. Deprivation Syndrome. Trans people are not the only humans who suffer for feeling self-related shame and pressures to conform to societal expectations that directly hamper their abilities to manifest and express their true selves.

      Not that I wouldn't want to completely destabilize a system that provides trains-specific care to trans people, but I do want it known that the essence of the trans experience is about manifesting and expressing one's sense of *self* - which I believe is an essential human right.

    3. EDIT: not that I *would* want to destabilize . . . .

      We *must* provide trains-specific care to trams people .

    4. trains and trams...are we talking about public transport?? :):)

    5. Hey! I demand respect for my identity as an autocorrection. 😎

  2. "gender expression deprivation anxiety"

    I love this term and feel it is very accurate. What I found is when I was repressing I could go a fair amount of time in between dressings. But now since I have stopped repressing, and dress every day....when there are obstacles that prevent me from dressing *I REALLY FEEL THAT ANXIETY WAY WORSE!* It is like a death grip!

    I gave myself a choice early on to dress when I felt like it and every day I started feeling like it. There was no choice honestly.

    1. you find what is right for you and to keep you balanced. There are no rules other than your own :)


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