maybe next time

The young transwoman greeting at the door of the Sephora is beautiful, at least 6 feet tall and lithe as a reed. She is also not a day over 25 years old. I give her a big smile and tell her I hadn't seen her for a while; we then chatted briefly.

After I had bought my foundation and had gabbed a little with the young woman at the cash, I went back to the front and spoke to her again on my way out.

"You look amazing, what have you done to yourself since I last saw you?" I said

"Oh well I was going through a major depression but things are much better now. I have been through a lot in my life"

Just then I wanted to hug her and tell her I understood at least one important aspect of her life but I will save that for another time for she looked happy and the store was very busy. I walked away very glad for her because she was radiating contentment and she has a whole life ahead of her.

Next time perhaps.


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