personal style

Tani is a young woman who works at the Starbucks and is apparently in love with my style:

"How do you do it?" She queries

"When you're older you need to work harder" I respond with a whimsical smile and a self effacing eye roll.

"We have similar taste" she says

I then go and sit down and search YouTube for Justine Leconte's minimalist dressing site and go back to show her.

"Oh Thanks Joanna!" she beams, surprising me that such a young woman could find how I dress admirable. I guess I must be doing something right because, in the end, feminine style should be somewhat independent of age; or at least that is what I tell myself.

On another note, Louise from Mary Kay asked me if I ever organize a girls night out to have us all go over and be made up by her which only further confirms she thinks I am a genetic female. While that's all very affirming I don't have a gang that can bring her some business so I will let her down easily while still buying the odd product from her once in a while:)


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