My son has decided to go back on meds but then he has started to experience horrible bouts of nausea as his body reacustoms itself.

It is supremely frustrating as a parent to see them go through this and you want to take on their discomfort. These are the ages as they venture into adulthood where your impact is not as direct and they no longer need close surveillance. It is the part of their life when they are releasing from you and only seek counsel on a sporadic basis.

They are their own people and my children couldn't be more different from each other. Each possesses strengths and weaknesses the other does not. The same parenting style cannot erase that basic DNA and individuality of vision which creates such unique beings.

In some ways, this phase of the parenting cycle is the most debilitating as your sense of powerlessness sometimes overflows. You are caught between interjecting and knowing that too much will not help their empowerment in facing a world that doesn't care about them the way you do.


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