Today I am drawing more from my feminine energy than I ever have in my entire existence. I am proud to be able to say that.

Every person contains both masculine and feminine traits in varying proportions only we are slotted from the time we are born to play with the right toys, dress the proper way and behave in an acceptable manner; all of them inexorably tied to birth sex. It may have been a structure which worked well for most, but not for all and therein lay its essential flaw in cementing itself in rigidity.

The mix of those traits which defines your gender identity may not be what society expects and this is independent of whether you suffer from gender dysphoria or not. Hence everyone could benefit from liberating earmarking things by gender. All it does is discourage people from trying things they might love and be good at.

Most of these barriers have already or are in the process of being dismantled and along with it my own trepidation in embracing the strong feminine impulses which have always been a part of me.

For there is no shame in espousing anything which resides naturally in both sexes.

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