self destruction

Chomsky is correct. This is the most radical version of the GOP to ever exist which means that both parties' move to the right over a number of decades spells deep trouble for all version of minorities. Recent moves with regards to transgender people are in line with this deep radicalization.

The Republican party had a challenge: how to serve its wealthy benefactors while at the same time acquire votes from people who would choose them against their own economic interests. To do that they needed a coalition of evangelicals, gun nuts, racists and other wedge issue groups who could be hoodwinked into voting GOP.

The strategy worked but created a monster of a party that was now faced with pandering to extremist demands and made its face wholly unrecognizable. Previous leaders like Reagan and George HW Bush had recognized that issues like abortion were not for the consideration of the state but now their new base wanted these as part of the platform.

The southern strategy worked all too well and now America is in a deep state of dysfunction with a top crust which runs the country and a radical base which thinks government has the right to infringe upon human rights.

It will be extremely difficult to undo this unholy stitching together of fringe groups within the right wing which means that, unless something drastic intervenes, this alliance will continue to foster the slow but steep decline towards self destruction.


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