the cure

A transsexual like me has very little room for negotiation and, even if we don't transition, a life with us will never be even close to conventional. I can only imagine what we did 200 years ago; it must not have been at all easy but then much about life isn't.

I see videos sometimes made by crossdressers and how they negotiate their femme time with their wives except that mine is the only safety valve I have which keeps me from needing to transition. Without it I would be lost.

This blog tends to be written with gender dysphoric people in mind because that is what I am. In fact, most of the comments come from those who have completed or are currently in some form of transition. The thought processes I went through and the discipline I exerted to divert my mind away from the draw towards being female have been constant throughout my life although smattered with ebbs and flows. I have concluded that our brains can be tricked and distracted but not indefinitely and I am curious as to what my journey has yet to show me because I am open to learning more about myself.

I know it is possible not to transition because this is something barely 100 years old and humans have been around far longer than that. More to the point however, is the idea that why would we not avail ourselves of a cure that now exists which didn't used to.


  1. Speaking only as someone who knew, but now cannot know, what you are living with, I offer this link to what I wrote to myself almost six years ago. That person knew, clearly.

    "Unfortunately, nobody can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself."

    We can always talk. You have my number.

    1. Oh indeed we will Halle I will call you. Thank you


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