the tip of the iceberg

Think about it: how can your genitals determine your gender identity? Are they sending direct signals to your brain?

No, most likely gender is a combination of nature and nurture which involves complex brain chemistry bolstered by profound and unrelenting socialization forcing people to comply lest they face ostracization. Hence, even if you fall somewhere in the middle of the spectrum there are certain basic rules you needed to abide by to avoid ridicule.

Today those rules are at the loosest point in human history, allowing us to see just how varied the expression of gender can be. The reason most people do not avail themselves of this reality is simple fear where the dread of public rejection overrides the desire to be true to oneself.

Transsexuals are a special case of course where the gender identity is entirely reversed and the remedy of transition is often the only cure for a deep sense of dysphoria. However even those on the cusp of full blown transsexualism can find more solutions today than at any other time in our history. This reality should bring us all relief and the comfort that we can finally be ourselves. If not entirely free of derision than at least more confident in the knowledge that the majority of the population is in our camp. Reasonable people exist everywhere and are being swayed to understand the complexity of the issue.

We can finally all begin to see that there is more than just the tip of an iceberg.


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