"your gender identity is the least of our concerns"

At least some places practice common sense...



  1. I say that Washington, Oregon and California secede from the Union, form the United States of Pacifica with our Constitution and our own national defense, and we build a big, tremendous, beautiful wall across the borders of Arizona, Nevada and Idaho. (No need to wall off Mexico or Canada.)

    I'm kidding, of course.

    Sorta. 😝

    The federal government is not allowing trans people to renew their passports; walls that have been built in modern history between Nation-States have largely been used to keep people *in*, not out; and refusals to allow certain members of the populace to serve in the military has less the ring of "We need to keep our military competent" as it does "We want our military to think you don't belong here if we turn on our own population."

    Oh, may 2020 be our year of hindsight and foresight!

    1. The Enlightened States of America 😀

    2. I so hope so for you and for the world Caryn. Let's get rid of these idiots Trump and Pence and bring America back where it belongs :)

    3. Would that those two dangerous cretins were the only real problem. The entire Republican Party apparatus has become a death cult actively expediting civilizational collapse.

      Either they think they're wealthy and smart enough to find their own slice of heaven on Earth even if climate change and war turns most of the planet into a lethal hellscape for the rest of us or they think that heaven awaits them in the next world if they can only hasten their preferred version of prophesied Apocalypse.

      And their hypnotized voters among the populace are either fully on board or prefer Bernie's agenda, but only so long as they don't have to share it with non-white, non-heteronormative non- Christians.

      Most of the Democratic apparatus just goes along with this, thinks that such people can be reasoned with, or are in denial about the problems we actually face.

      The one thing on which both parties agree, apparently, is that under no circumstances should their corporate financiers have to lose a precious penny to return America to the forefront of compassionate conservationism and social democracy championed and built by Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, and Lyndon Johnson.

      But at least the Democratic and independent left wing voters, otherwise known as the majority of the country, seems to be standing up, and donating, in large enough numbers to frighten the so called Establishment into flailing into increasingly transparent buffoonery trying to silence the likes of Bernie and AOC . Except for the old standby of fear of Muslims the whole Establishment has shamefully exploited to smear and endanger Ilhan Omar, their "attacks" just aren't working like they used to.

      So we shall see.

    4. the good news is that the millennials and younger are not adopting political conservatism which means that the entire country will see a massive conversion to the middle left. If you eliminate the electoral college you will virtually guarantee not to see another Paul Ryan, "turtle boy" Mitch McConnell or Lindsay Graham.

  2. Actually, the post-millennials are more conservative than millenials, and for many, alt-right is the new punk. And the Electoral College has absolutely nothing to do with the election of Senators.

    1. No true enough...I am not so convinced about the post millenials. Let's wait and see...😉


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