You're fired


  1. That old landmine buried in the mud is still enough to scare the bejeezers out of me though. He cannot be gone soon enough.

  2. I do love Robert Reich, but he's just a tad too optimistic for me. He's absolutely right about the shift in attitude among the American public (or at least in its willingness to stand up and shout their long-held beliefs from the rooftops having seen how corrupt Washington DC really is - something for which we might ironically have Trump to thank). But Trump merely being a buried landmine? Not exactly.

    First, it's not good that more sane people under him are just refusing to carry out some of his orders. That means that *whomever* we vote into the presidency can be undermined without an official impeachment or censure.

    More importantly, no, the Republicans have not abandoned him. They go along with him right up until the breaking point where they think his antics undermine, instead of advance, their evil agenda. And they will continue to do so, including ensuring his "reelection" by any means necessary (or, perhaps more accurately, by any means available).

    For the first time since its enactment after Viet Nam, Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Rho Khana got a majority of Congress to adopt a resolution ordering the president to stop participating in a war: the Saudi-led genocide in Yemen. Trump VETOED it. He told Congress, "No. I'm going to continue aiding a genocide. I don't care what you say." We are just shy of the votes needed in the Senate to override the veto. Meaning enough Republicans are fine with it because of the war profiteering donors who get them elected.

    He's not fired yet. He's still doing a lot of damage. He's not a buried landmine. He's still the president. He's still the worst and most dangerous American president in history. And he could still be reelected.

    1. Oh believe me Caryn I am under no delusions. Despite this dangerous imbecile committing obstruction of justice he still gets 37% support which for me is mind numbing. Even worse s the unyielding support f the GOP that figures they can take advantage of this climate and pass the worst forms of legislation as well as weeckless judicial picks that will harm the country for decades.

      But if this rube gets re elected I am afraid I hold no more hope for your nation and would then suggest you go the succession route and leave the backward red States behind because then there is no more hope.

    2. I meant to say secession 😉

    3. I've been telling people that 2020 is the electoral equivalent of WWII. Either the Progressive Left wins, or the "Bad Guys" win for good. If Trump is re-elected (or otherwise retakes the White House), it will be like the Axis Powers winning WWII. Whole world changed for the worse, forever. Secession is a nice idea, but it means another bona fide Civil War, but one in which people's allegiances do not so neatly coincide with their geographical locations. The Internet has allowed us to join communities of consciousness that transcend geography. This is as life-saving for trans people around the globe as it is lethal for the world when it comes to embittered neo-Nazis.

      I fear that if Trump retakes the White House, I'll have to hit the panic button, and execute the escape plan, which I will not put online :)

      I'm actually even afraid of what will happen if Trump *loses*. From early November 2020 to late January 2021, we will have to listen to him scream about Fake News, and possibly refuse to leave. That will involve a crisis we've never faced. Upon swearing in the new president, his or her first action might be to order the military to remove Trump by force. While Trump himself can't win that battle, his crazy cult can go nuts in the streets while this transpires. What will that mean? I honestly don't know.

      But I haven't lost hope yet. Bernie is scaring the hell out of *everyone*. I see this as a good sign. The corporations, the Establishment Democrats, the news, etc..... They're all flailing about trying to stop him. He has a real chance to take the White House. To be sure, that will be merely the beginning of the turn-around, but, hey, it will be the beginning of the turn-around!

    4. Bernie first choice, Pete buttigieg second (my picks)


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