Life isn't easy for any of us and we all deal with challenges that test our mettle on a daily basis. Illness, job loss, the death of a spouse or a child are but a few examples of the things that impact us dramatically and prevent us from attaining and holding on to serenity of mind and spirit.

Some of us seem to get away with less suffering but that is often optics which misleads us. We do not know what a person feels inside and what kind of challenges they have yet to face in their life. The nature of our existence demands that we not escape suffering but we grow with every misstep and hopefully the scars leave a tougher and more philosophical soul behind.

The great thinkers have pondered on the nature of our existence and meaning of living limited lives filled with extreme joys and sorrows both intermingled in a way we cannot control.

Christianity teaches us that suffering has meaning because there is a reward coming after and I have tried to hold on to some semblance of the faith I had as a child which is now somewhat tinged by cynicism of the worst aspects of human nature and a mind educated in science. What I hold onto is the certainty that the more humankind thinks they have grasped something the less likely it is true and our limited vision of something so vast only hints at an explanation.

I told my son recently that if he must abandon some aspect of knowledge to espouse other beliefs which contradict it then they cannot be very sound.

For faith cannot exist without reason.


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