Dallas, Texas

Even as the visibility of trans people greatly increases in the media in a positive way, the ones who pay the price for it are overwhelmingly trans women of colour. The factions in society who have a problem with the presence of transgender people see an easy target in the most vulnerable members of the community.

It’s already much easier to be white in the United States where racism is institutionalized. Now add to that the two-fold punch of being a visible minority and transgender.

I don’t know if many Americans realize that their country no longer represents a beacon of hope for others most especially with the current administration in power and It might be fair to say that countries like Canada, Australia and most of western Europe would make for a safer environment for these women who it seems are now being killed on a routine basis. There is something wrong when people cannot lead safe lives in their communities and are being violated simply for being who they are.

Watch horrendous YouTube programs like that of Stephen Crowder whose puerile audience listens to his misogyny, homophobia and transphobia for a taste of where a good chunk of the United States lies on these issues.

The slow descent of America into a radicalized form of conservatism does not bode well for the future and the fusion of the special interest groups who espouse it is going to make for an increasingly volatile environment. One which some people belonging to a targeted minority may want to consider before moving to or remaining in a backwards place like Dallas Texas.

Chynal Lindsey.
yet another victim


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