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Trump's approval rating is at a whopping 48% proving to what degree America is in deep trouble. A criminal president who is also a mean spirited moron enjoying these types of numbers proves to me that the country has lost its moral compass.

The haves are basking in an economy of their liking while the increasingly large have-nots are living in a dreamland state being hypnotized by a radicalized GOP subservient to its benefactors while pretending to care about its base. Meanwhile the centrist and elitist Democrats are hardly any better with the perennially sleepy and dizzy Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schummer with equally deep ties to big money.

I hate to say that things are not looking rosy but when only 39% of voters think the country is headed on the right track you have to ask yourself some fundamental existential questions. One of them would be: what kind of country do you want to be?

The American dream of the 1950's is long gone and in its wake an oligarchical structure has replaced it to keep the complacent happy and the poor quiet, undereducated and bamboozled.


  1. Exactly. Deep positive contemplation is needed.

  2. "[T]the country has lost its moral compass. The haves are basking in an economy of their liking while the increasingly large have-nots are living in a dreamland state being hypnotized by a radicalized GOP subservient to its benefactors while pretending to care about its base. "

    Okay, let's tell some harsh truths. The USA's moral compass has been broken from its inception. There would never have been an American Revolution if John Adams and other abolitionists had not caved, and allowed the southern colonies to continue to enslave an entire race of people. After the Civil War, although slavery was officially abolished, from the 1870's to today, the master class of this country has always found ways to offset the de jure legal gains by minorities and workers with other policies. We no longer enslave black people, we imprison them en masse. And whether you're blue collar or not, hate and racism are plagues among us. We have NEVER fully faced this.

    Enough Americans are stupid, hateful and racist that Trump really, really does represent 40%+ of how this country feels. And those of us who are white, but non-racist, must - MUST - stand up and say, "Non. Racist is NOT Enough!" We must be actively ANTI-Racist, denounce our privilege, and join in solidarity with all of the downtrodden and all minorities in this nation.

    Stop being surprised that Trump could be re-elected by the USA. Trump IS the plurality of the USA. Stupid, narcissistic, and hateful. If the fractured majority of the country is to come together to get rid of this monster, we need to just acknowledge that we live in a land that is, and always has been, founded on a caste system that will not go quietly into any good night.

    1. Okay but tell us how you really feel Caryn 😊

      Seriously though, you are not wrong and what was supposed to be a an ideal foundation based on age of enlightenment ideas turned out to be all white men are created equal which meant get rid of the native people and hold on to your slaves. After that Lincoln did his best but then in comes the 13th amendment.

    2. And not that the history of Canada is much better in that regard


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