ladies who lunch #4

Halle and I had brunch today and good thing too because she's moving much further away. She will be closer to her family but she and I won't be able to casually drive to meet up like we have been.

We met at the same diner in the same little town equidistant from both of us and were treated and addressed like ladies. Both the food and the conversation were excellent.

I am happy for Halle and her partner who are building their dream home because we all deserve to be a little happy in life.

It's been fun meeting you on these four occasions Halle and we will definitely be in touch.


  1. I know we will have #5 at some point - the only question will be where.

    So much fun to get together Joanna!

    1. I actually think I miscounted Halle and this was number 5! Fun as always and there will be a number 6 to be sure 😊


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