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logic 101

Can anyone give me the answer please??!!


  1. Okay, I getcha :) Logic 101.

    If P then Q.
    Not Q.
    Therefore P.

    Modus Tollens. Valid.

    BUT . . . . . also Logic 101 - Valid does not equal True.

    First, Mueller's actual "P" statement is, "If we had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime,"

    The "Q" statement on the cartoon chalkboard is implied, but, it was qualified with, "We did not, however, make a determination as to whether the president did commit a crime."

    So, let's take the actual statement:

    IF P (we had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime) THEN Q (we would have said so).

    So, let's imply Q, because indeed, he didn't say so. Thus, P is true. Meaning Mueller's team does not have confidence that the president committed a crime.

    And take the qualification too: His team *did not make any* determination as to whether the president *did commit* a crime.

    This is just the same thing he has said in his report, and the same thing he has been at pains to explain since Liar General Barr lied about what was in the report.

    People really need to think this through: If you are on an American criminal jury, the Prosecution bears the burden of proving to you beyond a reasonable doubt that the Defendant is guilty. You will have two options: "GUILTY" or "NOT GUILTY." There is another option, but you won't have it, and that would be "INNOCENT."

    Mueller was working with a different choice. He believes that he cannot indict a sitting president, and thus, he wants his report reviewed by the House for review for impeachment. Because the House of Representatives has the authority to prosecute the president for crimes, Mueller himself was working with the following choices: "NOT GUILTY" or "NOT NOT GUILTY." The option not on the table for him was "GUILTY." Mueller's verdict was NOT NOT GUILTY.

    Meaning the House should impeach this criminal in the White House and they hardly need the Mueller Report to do it. They're just not going to for political reasons, giving the criminal a win, stupidly, stubbornly, wrongly, and for Democrats, characteristically arguing that impeaching him would be giving him the win.

    In his statement, he negates Q by saying, "We did not however, make a determination as to whether the president

    1. Apologies for that last line. Thought I'd erased it. Anyway, the House should, right now, begin impeachment proceedings. For Barr and for Trump. They don't even need to vote on it now. They can wait until after the election to take the vote. Just get up there every day and make your case. That's what the Republicans did to Clinton, and they didn't care that the Senate was unlikely to convict. While the majority of the people at that time thought the impeachment was improper, Clinton's vice president ran for president after him and managed to lose to the imbecile son of the president Clinton ousted. Yes, I realize that Florida was rigged, and the Supreme Court installed the imbecile son by stopping the recount, but Gore should have run away with that election handily. It should not have been that close, period. But it was. Because, the Republicans are hired to be the Harlem Globetrotters and the Democrats are hired to be the Washington Generals.

      Start the impeachment proceedings! It will not help the orange buffoon in the White House to have news every day about his impeachment and the case being made against him. It will rally his cult, but so what. They're not in play, and they're not sitting it out anyway. It's the left that needs to be rallied, and the Establishment wants the left demoralized. Because the awful truth is that, to the Establishment Democrats, TRUMP IS THE LESSER EVIL THAN A LEFT-WING PRESIDENT.

    2. That last bit is completely true Caryn. The establishment Dems are far more scared of the progressives taking over because that really soils their party of big corporate money and they cant have that. That's why they play the line of "if we impeach then we risk losing in 2020". Still, impeachment will stall in the Senate because of hacks like McConnel and Graham who have vowed to quash. It doesn't get you impeachment but it is the moral and right thing to do. If you do not attempt it you weakness which is far worse.
      Biden is the wrong horse and he will lose to the orange but let them try anyway. They will never learn...


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