Will I ever change my gender marker? I don't know yet and I am slowly chewing over the idea but, if I do, it won't happen for quite a while yet. First I need to finish working full time for my current firm which is still 3 years away. So in the meantime the part time life will continue which, although pragmatically challenging at times, still makes me very happy.

That step, if taken, would be a huge psychological hurdle because it would represent a point of no return. I would be henceforth officially and legally recognized as a woman by the government with passport, driver's license and Medicare card all now marked with an F.

It would mean the end of the safety of men's clothing but also no more oscillating back and forth.

Is there some fear and trepidation along with the intrigue behind this idea? I'd be lying if I said there wasn't which is why much more reflection is still needed.


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