morning rain

After the church service this morning I met three lovely young women in their late twenties or early thirties who hailed from New Jersey. They were visiting Montreal and were telling me how much they loved the city. One of them had been here before several times and was acting as unofficial tour guide.

They asked me about the closest place to eat breakfast and I gave them the best recommendation taking into account geography but apparently showed enough hesitation that made them wonder

"Hmmm she doesn't seem seem so sure" one of them said, squinting her eyes while smiling broadly at me.

"No I am but my only warning is that the service can be slow" I replied.

It was raining profusely and they were all wearing lovely summer shoes with consumately manicured nails. All three were in nice Sunday dresses.

"Its not more than a hundred feet down the street ladies" I said

"What do you rate it on a scale of one to five?" She asked me

"3.5 but only because of the slow service otherwise it's a 4"

By now my friend Janet had caught up to me and I asked her the rating she would give. She provided almost the same answer except in French with some broken English thrown in for good measure.

"That's enough for us ladies. We're going there. Thank you"

"Have a great rest of your visit and safe travels home!" I told them and they thanked us again and disappeared into the now subsiding morning rain.


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