mutual empowerment

It turned out that Patricia’s friend was sick and couldn’t make it but the two of us met downtown to celebrate her birthday as well as her business taking off with the first construction of one of her prefab homes just around the corner. There we were sitting outside under the resto awning safe from the light rain of that evening discussing how things seem to be converging for both of us.

She supports my efforts wholeheartedly to find a balance in my life with respect to my gender issues and I do see myself working as a woman in her company. It is so empowering to have someone support you to such an extent who is also impressed with you as a person instead of as a gender stereotype. Patricia has helped me focus on being me and not worrying about anything else.

As we left the restaurant she put her arm around my waist and told me:

“Its so great spending time with my big sister” and I knew she meant it

I do feel increasingly comfortable in that role because as 14 years her senior I’ve lived through a few more trials. I have also traversed the business world as a male and am now able to boost her confidence when it comes to dealing with some of the entitled douche bags we come across from time to time. She has confided in me that she needs to build her confidence in that regard and I am more than happy to help.

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