of all the people

I ran into Carine quite by accident. I was walking in one direction and she in the opposite except that we wouldnt have bumped into one another had I not made the deliberate trek to intercept.

"I believe we know each other?" I said in French.

She pondered for a moment, smiled widely and said

"Wow t'est vraiment belle!"

Carine was the office HR manager that I came out to who, during the very same closed door session, told me she was leaving the company. She was hugely supportive and told me that before she left the firm we could get the gears moving towards my workplace transition which I declined to undertake.

"Is it official now?!" She inquired with a big smile

"Non pas encore" I replied "mais je suis contente"

We left each other then as she was headed to work but before we parted she said we would keep in touch which I will gladly take her up on.


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