It has been possible for me to make some compromises because of some advantages I had which I don't easily take for granted. Being able to do without FFS or hormones and still keep my options open for a social transition has been pivotal, although, if I were sure I needed either or both I would do so in a heartbeat.

As things stand now, without either, I am able to make my way through the world comfortably as a woman which has greatly helped to temper my dysphoria.

Still, I have reflected at length that if I were 20 years old today and knowing what young trans people know, I would likely opt for a full transition. However, at almost 57 I am going with what I need and know will work for me which takes into account my existing situation. I also use that most important metric to guide me: the happiness which I possess.

I am so heartened that there are more options for us than ever including full transitions and we are now being diagnosed and helped before we have gone down a road that isn't right for us. Lives full of denial will be avoided and we will hopefully one day be welcomed into society no matter where we reside on the spectrum.



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