overheard at a Sephora

She was maybe late forties or early fifties, svelte and well put together but casually dressed in her Lululemon track suit and sneakers. Her hair fell neatly on her shoulders as she got advice at the Sephora counter from a young woman half her age. Only a hint of subtle makeup adorned her face.

I wouldn't have noticed anything else except she was within earshot as I did my own browsing and her voice was the only giveaway that she was trans. It was decidedly not a Bea Arthur husky voice and she made no attempt to feminize it. Based on her looks I surmised she had transitioned quite some time ago. As she finished and walked past me I didn't look at or acknowledge her. She then blended into the mall traffic.

I am not sure the young woman at the counter realized she was trans but if she did she didn't bat an eyelash and served her exceedingly well. A few minutes later that same young woman helped me with my point total by scanning my card.

"Joanna you have 600 points. Do you want to redeem them today?"

"No thanks I'll keep collecting them"

"Have a nice day"

"You too"


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