relationships and the gender spectrum

I think that where you reside on the gender spectrum definitely does matter when you are discussing conventional man-woman relationships. However when it comes to any form of relationship, there are complexities regardless.

For example, if you are a crossdresser who sees your activity as another side of who you are then chances are in your favor to find a woman who will tolerate it if not necessarily rejoice ebuliantly at the prospect of her man in a dress.

If you reside on the transsexual side of the spectrum as I and many others do, things get a little bit trickier. You can either suppress your identity and attempt a conventional union, transition and enter into a relationship with a man or (and this is the long shot) find a woman who is that needle in a haystack and is blind to gender giving you the flexibility to transition or not.

My own interest in this area has waned to the point of total atrophy because I have chosen to live honestly above all else and make myself happy. However, I know that many of you struggle with existing relationships or with the desire to enter one while not compromising who you are. No matter where you are though, nothing is easy when you throw any kind of gender incongruence into the mix.

What I have concluded is that there are advantages and disadvantages to either side of singlehood and couplehood and you must grapple or feast in those contained in each set. Ultimately however, we need to conclude that happiness comes from within and no individual can provide that for you. They can unfortunately, provide plenty of misery if they are not for you.


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