Watching the sheer mass of humanity on the streets during this trip has helped me focus my thoughts on the idea of resonance. So many stories that each life must contain yet we are just another body moving about unperceived and unnoticed. We tend to think the opposite because we live mostly in our heads.

The message I take away even more resolutely is to be true to yourself as the only thing that truly matters because everything else follows from that. Things will fall into place when you are in resonance even when others around you are not.


  1. Whenever asked by skeptics of my sense of self what I mean by "gender," I use certain terms, "resonance" being one of them. Gender, to me, is a resonance, a frequency, a wavelength, one that I feel, and which is irretrievably tethered to my sense of self.

    It is, I suppose, inconvenient that I am the only one with subjective access to what it feels like to be me, but to the extent that I resonate like a string in tune by expressing myself as a woman, is this not but a manifestation of my pursuit of happiness? I was taught that my country was founded on the principle that everyone had the self evident right to pursue happiness. Important enough that securing that right warranted bloody revolution. What could be more fundamentally important to my pursuit of happiness than to be allowed to peacefully express myself as I perceive that self to resonate authentically?

    If this, and this alone, bothers you so much in your own mind that you want to do me harm or erase me, or take away my rights, it is you with the mental condition that requires more reflection and likely treatment. That overwhelming repulsion and fear is what is unhealthy - for you and society at large. Relax. Let me resonate. ☺

    1. So true Caryn and such an apt descriptor for gender


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