the power of myth 2

Only in our current era can a repugnant baboon like Donald Trump get up in front of cameras at one his rallies for the intellectually impaired and lie through his teeth about readily verifiable facts.

How does this happen? The power of myth. People don't want facts they are instead desperately asking to be lied to. The late night comics have a field day with subject matter that any of the rally attendees would call liberal media bias or fake news.

We have officially reached mass insanity.

I keep writing about the undoing of the United States because I firmly believe it will happen; but not through a single catastrophic blow and instead via a slow dismantling.

The constitution is even a myth when it states that "all men are created equal". It should have read "all white men" and never mind women. The illusory nature of Voltairian ideals fell short when it took until the early 20th century for women to vote and for overt racism to fall just below the visual spectrum and go into lurking behind thinly constructed closed doors.

Please let me know what I'm missing.


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