we get to know our body

Yesterday was the first day I wore a dress to Sunday Mass. Normally I wear a top and a skirt or pants because dresses can be hit or miss for tall women. If it rides up above my knees I spend a good chunk of my day pulling it down. It drives me nuts:)

By now I know very well what works on my body and what doesn't. I also like to dress age appropriate which is by no means code for frumpy but it does mean no mini skirts for this girl.

Like every genetic woman, after a while we get to know what feels comfortable over prolonged periods. That is why I always carry flats in my car just in case my feet start to hurt over the course of the day. It's all about that combination of style and comfort although I will wear things like stilettos if I don't need to walk for miles (my friend Sherry who lives in hers will be happy I admitted that).

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