why I go to Mass as myself

Going to Mass as a woman matters because it closes a loop for me. Religion enslaved me and kept me from self acceptance hence unifying my thinking on my own nature and my spirituality is a way to come to terms with my past.

God wasn't keeping me from self acceptance, but it was instead society's misplaced thinking on what is acceptable within its box of artificial orthodoxy. Humankind is at best limited and at its worst fundamentally stupid which is why it prefers to brainwash its children than allow them to become themselves.

I don't get that much from the Mass anymore due to the limitations of the priests to say anything remotely interesting or stimulating; but that is not the point. My presence there as Joanna is my psychological closure to an episode of self imprisonment and it brings me so much joy to present as myself in a place which defined so much of my life.

I am there and know to my core that I am accepted exactly as I am.


  1. Joanna,
    My going to Mass was actually a big step in accepting myself. Going and feeling the peace that I did let me know that God accepted me as I am, a child of God. I felt the Holy Spirit gently put His hand on my shoulder to let me know that God does not make a mistake in creating His children. It didn't matter what the priest's homily was about nor how well it was presented. Knowing that Leann was one with the Body of Christ was all that was necessary.

    1. That's wonderful Leann. Thank you for this...


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