cloud 9

I am off today and Jacinthe saw me sitting there drinking my coffee. She was all smiles and said

"Oh wow I haven't seen you in ages!"

I used to visit her store on occasion and buy women's fashions when they were on special. We hadn't seen each other for, well for ages.

We started talking about our lives and then our kids. Hers (a daughter and a son) are 33 and 28 respectively and she confided in me that something had been wrong with him for the longest time but she had not been able to pinpoint it.

"Oh Joanna he came to me crying and told me he couldn't live like that anymore. He told me he was transgender!"

My heart skipped a beat. She was going on about the hormone treatments and how happy she is now. Then I just had to speak up:

"You know I am trans right?" I said in French.

Her eyes widened into two saucers

"What?! No way I had no idea! Its like I was meant to run into you today. I would have never known!"

She gave me a huge hug and kissed both my cheeks. Jacinthe is an effervescent and beautiful soul who loves her daughter deeply exactly as she is and she made my heart swell with happiness for both her and this young woman who now has her whole life ahead of her as the woman she was meant to be. Jacinthe wants me to meet her at some point which would be my distinct pleasure. I saw a photo of her daughter and, after seven months of HRT, she looks amazing.

After having an emotional rest of the conversation we excitedly agreed to meet again for coffee. She was late for work and had to run but I remained on cloud 9 for quite some time after.

We each want to know more.


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