Over the years of writing this blog I have discovered something which is fundamental: life shouldn’t be about you trying to fit into confines to be accepted, it is instead about becoming yourself and having people accept you on those terms. It sounds simple but many of us did the reverse growing up.

I never go to the early posts from this blog but recently I did and what I saw was a person in pain who was trying to figure out how to accommodate being trans in their life. There seemed to be no reconciling the life model I had been taught to espouse and the reality before me; the reality that I was drastically different from the norm.

Seven years and countless posts later, I am a changed person who, while recognizing the sometimes-daily challenges we face as trans people, will not bend or apologize for the way we are. There is just no point in it. The conclusion I have come to is that you must build your own fortress and protect it from the outside and then welcome those who embrace you as you are.

Because there is no one else like you.

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