"Girl you need me in your life"

I was recently browsing at Simons department store and couldn't resist buying capri pants (pictured below on the metro platform teamed with my thrift store red purse). They cost me $10 whole dollars instead of $49 and I just couldn't pass them up.

They are wide legged and hipped which give you a really feminine cute look and paired with pumps or ballet flats it's a winning combo. They could work just as well with a pair of sneakers.

I have learned over the years to try on everything before I buy and these were so perfect I couldn't leave without getting them. Even if my purchasing these days is dramatically down, there are some things that just scream:

"Girl you need me in your life!"


  1. I love Simons, so happy that they have a store in the Toronto area now!

    1. I went to that store Joanne when I was in TO


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