....lest ye be judged

The priest at my last attended homily deeply disappointed me. The reading had been about Sodom and Gomorrah and suddenly he was talking about not acting on the inclination to have same-sex relations. The church saw this as a sin and therefore it is not permitted.

I have intuitively understood for a long time as many of you do that we do not choose to be homosexual anymore than we choose to be trans but his putting it into the context of sin immediately implies to act on choice. Was he saying that only heterosexuals act on an embedded sexual identity and even then meant solely for procreation?

Suddenly smoke was coming out of my ears because I have 2 nephews and one niece who are gay and because the head sacristan at the very same church lives with his same sex partner. He later told me he walked out during the homily.

The penchant to judge when one knows absolutely nothing about being LGBT confounds me and the best thing one can do is be quiet and give the benefit of the doubt.

To be fair this was the first time I had heard a cleric say this and it left me stunned. I wanted him to head straight back to the 18th century and stay there but alas that was unlikely. The consolation would be that he formed part of a dwindling breed.


  1. Sadly, many will take their priest's words as divine direction, causing rifts in families that can only be healed with great difficulty.

    Fortunately nations have evolved even if some spiritual bodies have not. The famous mathematician and codebreaker Alan Turing died in disgrace in the 1950s because of he was gay. A few years ago he was honoured on a UK stamp and recently it was announced his face will grace the £50 note.

    1. I remember seeing the movie starring Benedict Cumberbatch a number of years ago and thinking what a great disservice to a man who did so much for the war effort. They were dark times when very little was understood about human sexuality and gender identity. We like to think we are better today and still have quite a ways to go as evidenced by this priest who refused to get with the program...


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