Evangelicals played their card and lost. If their morally challenged president doesn't get a second term they have forsaken the right to moralize against the next one. How could they when they accepted the bottom of the barrel to get what they wanted.

In that sense, the current incarnation of the Republican party is in tatters. This ragtag pool of white nationalists, pseudo religious zealots and other assorted special interests wanted nothing to do with the old party. Their zeal for power allowed a kind of extremism to seep in which had never before been seen. The ugliest and most basic instincts of people were allowed to germinate under a man with no discernible civility, intelligence or moral compass.

Can you easily come back from this precipe of radicalization and reclaim your credibility?

I for one don't think so.


  1. You and I both know that no situation at this level is a simple one. I have written on my own blog about a time when I was part of a new political party with conservative ideals. If you value a democratic process it is hard to get rid of the haters and bigots who turn up at your meetings demanding time at the podium without acting in a draconian way and simply kicking them out of the room bodily - hardly the way to start a political process.

    I'm trying to say in a long-winded way that I feel badly for the majority of members of the Republican Party in the States right now. How can they distance themselves from their own leadership and the backers they represent? Money talks after all!

    Sometimes a political party has to die in order to be reincarnated as a better version. We shall see how if there is integrity left in that party.

    1. I also feel very badly Halle for the people who at the bottom rung of society always get the short end of the stick. This party tells them to pick themselves up by the boot straps but negates to mention that the system is rigged. But as you say sometimes things need to die to be born in another form...


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