"send her back!"

Donald Trump knows how to bring out the most basic and ugly sides of human nature. His rallies invite the massively uneducated to rail against foreigners especially if their skin isn’t white. You could be forgiven for thinking it couldn’t happen in 2019. The chants of “send her back” were chillingly reminiscent of another era.

I have come to a better understanding of how Nazi Germany could have been created. A country in economic crisis sought scapegoats and it was convenient to pick on the Jews. Add to that the Nazi ideas on the Aryan race and natural selection of the fittest humans and you could see how the extermination of the than less perfect could have been sold as legitimate theory to the underbelly of that society.

Let us recall that it was perfectly normal at that time in the Western world to believe that blacks were a lesser species of human.

We like to believe that we have come so far and yet 4 in 10 Americans still support this poor excuse for a human being which shows us how much further we have yet to go.

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