the battle raging within

Our minds are endowed with great powers of elasticity and I now think of many of the problems we face as being akin to the prisoner holding the key to their own cell and not availing themselves of the fact.

Being human is fraught with the dangers of indoctrination and persuasion coming from our parents, extended family, colleagues and society in general and the development of the powers to escape that gravity pull will depend on our personalities and the environment we grew up in. It is why so many trans people choose different paths when faced with comparable levels of dysphoria. We do not entirely comprehend what we are experiencing but deeply understand that it virulently rubs against an artificial convention we were told to accept as being absolute.

I still try and analyze what is going on within me from a vantage point which I want to be as detached as possible but have concluded that I am not able to be unbiased. There is a battle raging within me between the emotional attachment to being trans and an analytical mind which wants to understand.

The key to our liberation as trans people appears to be centered in the human need to feel and experience because the cold rationale of the scientific is not where we live. Not every action taken by a human is understandable or logical; it simply is.


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