the little things

It was such a short exchange and yet it was so meaningful to me. This lady I hadn’t seen for a while came up to me

“I haven’t seen you in a long time. You don’t come anymore!”

She is about my age and works at one of the cosmetics counters at a pharmacy I used to frequent

“Life changes and our habits change. By the way you look great” I said as I tapped her lightly on the arm

“You do too dear!”

“Your kids must be on their own now?” I asked

“Yes they are 27 and 25” she responded

“That must give you lots of time alone with your husband?”

“Yes but he also likes to do his own thing” She lamented

“You mean he doesn’t like to go shopping with you?” I said sarcastically

“You know men don’t like to go shopping!”

It was just a little thing but she didn't realize how much she had helped make my day.


  1. Wonderful moment! You'll have more and more. There's a New York pizza place blocks from my place, and while it takes discipline to avoid the ease of just having pizza all the time, it's always nice going in there. The workers are friendly, and tend to recognize people from the neighborhood. Last time I was there, I had been to the beach, and while I was awaiting my slice in the oven, the woman behind the counter said, "You look great! Did you take a vacation?" I mentioned that I just went to the beach, and we started chatting about how great the weather has been in our area, and finding the right bathing suit, etc. Little things indeed!

    1. While this isn't the first moment like this the difference is that I take them in as a normal that leaves me heartened. Before I was more incredulous almost as if they weren't really serious but they were. The biggest change was in me.


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