the perfect union

I was listening to a relationship coach on the radio this past weekend and she had some practical advice. She said to not look for the other person to change something for you or expect them to read your mind about what you need. Instead make yourself happy by leading the life you need to and try and help make theirs a little better. If they in return do the same, then you will have created an atmosphere conducive to a healthy and loving relationship.

Most people do the opposite and they want the other person to do something for them. When their idea of their ideal partner does not materialize they eventually get tired and the union disintegrates.

I personally do not know of any people with perfect unions because there is no such thing. Instead there are human beings trying to do their best living with their own imperfections and with those of everyone around them.


  1. The late Christopher Hitchens once said at an Atheist Convention that he felt a sense of ennui the whole time as he had nothing to disagree with. Now, here is a post with which I will happily concur with every sentence! Nothing really to contribute except echoes!

    "I don't want to be your other half; I believe that one and one make two."
    ----Alanis Morisette, from the song "Not the Doctor"


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