the power of dysphoria

Even if I live part time, my dysphoria can rear its head during the workday and its been doing that of late. You just never know when it will overflow.

I have been managing mine for over 56 years so I know how to do it but that doesn’t mean it's by any means easy. Sometimes I think that the older and the more self-accepting we get, the more challenging it becomes to continue to try and live in two worlds.

Right now, the plan is to continue like this for another 3 years which I should be able to do (health willing). However, I can imagine getting closer to the target date and becoming a little anxious.

Any change of life will do that, but this one will be particularly significant.


  1. From this perspective, I cannot think of any way to completely avoid dysphoria in that time when you are denying your female nature. It seems keeping very busy during that time is the best advice. I knew that is something I could not have handled. All or nothing was my way.

    You have my admiration Joanna.

    1. You made the right call Halle and we are in each other's admiration it seems


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