those who have less

There are now more people than ever in the Montreal metro system asking for change. They are also at stop lights, street corners and grocery store entrances counting on our generosity or perhaps our guilt. It is a sign of the times and the unstable world we live in where people feel they must do this.

No doubt there is some percentage that doesn't need to do it but I don't think its the majority.

There is a young woman I have seen on a regular basis. She has very bad teeth and she carries her cardboard sign as she tells people that every little bit helps. The first time I gave her something she told me she really liked my earrings and we ended up speaking briefly.

I admit that I get irritated sometimes by the sheer number and we feel we are being accosted but this is because the problem is very real.

We need to put a human face on poverty and even if we cannot give to everyone we must acknowledge that there is a problem; not just in North America but all over the world.

The Trumps and Putins of this world aren't interested in alleviating the problem but at the ground level it will be up to us to do whatever we feel comfortable doing to make things a little better for those who have less.


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