Imagine trying to understand the actions and thought process of another person when you can barely comprehend your own. This is what everyone in society does and we struggle to find our way through life in a world full of unpredictability.

The Buddhists say to eliminate craving which will then eliminate suffering because it is in the desire for something we think we want which breeds our unhappiness. But then no one succeeds at attaining Nirvana because the human condition prevents it from happening; we are just not that powerful a race of beings.

The recognition of weakness and inability to always cope is what can maybe break us free from our prisons. There is no shame in failing and trying again until some semblance of what our goal looks like is attained. It never will be reached but to stop trying is akin to stagnation. That is why I forgive my foibles more easily than ever and it is in this light that I can relax in my imperfection. I have all the worldly possessions I need, and my comfort comes mostly from little things that bring me joy and working on improving thought processes which help me build a better perspective on my existence.

Liberal humanism sees the world as a collection of entities who are all endowed with a right to self determination and a soul which transcends race, color and creed except we have not yet learned to apply these ideals in any meaningful way; and within those ideals also lies the right to fail and try again as many times as we need.


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