where do you fit?

You may be one or the other but since gender identity is on a spectrum perhaps you feel somewhere between?


  1. 🤔

    I got 42 seconds in, and felt like I was listening to something made in 1985. The CD/TG distinction is not such a bright line that cross dressers never feel bodily dysphoria or that transgender people never get a rush, sexual or otherwise from dressing. Moreover, transgender has become such a large umbrella term that it's no longer even accurate to describe all transgender people as dysphoric. I've found that this paradigm does our community a disservice through its simplicity. In fact, when she started asking her questions to distinguish between the two, I got Blanchardian chills (though, of course, her paradigm is different).

    If I have to pick a measurement scale, I'm still with Harry Benjamin's 1 through 6, but even that is too simple.

    Of course people can experience both dysphoria and sexual rush from dressing as female. (Cis women often get a rush from dressing up too.) Of course, people can be "both," or appear along a spectrum of CD/TG, but I personally don't bother with this distinction.

    Our ultimate question is not *What am I?* ; it's *Who am I?* And given the many variables that come into play, I don't like ruling out options for manifesting one's self based on distinctions like the one on offer. Our selves probably look a little more like a Jackson Pollack painting than the Mona Lisa.

    1. I kind of put this 4 year old video up as bait because it precisely simplifies what is a very much more complex subject. She asks you to pick one or the other which for many of us would be very difficult. Not all trans people feel they are "in the wrong body" for example. Arousal happens in both cases for example so it is indeed not black and white 😁

    2. Thank you for the input Caryn 😀


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