working and poor

50 percent of Americans have less than 500 dollars in savings which means that the next financial crisis that comes along puts them immediately in the red.

Also think about the crushing student loan problem where some of these twentysomethings have upwards of $100,000 in debt that they must pay back and they are barely even able to keep up with the interest payments.

So while that numbskull Rump likes to extol the low unemployment rate, none of these problems are on the radar if we just talk jobs. You can very easily have a job and simply be part of the working poor in America.

Republicans don't want to hear about those people because they are the ones their "trickle down economics" myth fails. Conservatives are far too busy lowering taxes for corporations who offshore and then make more money for their investors. They simply distract the working poor with wedge issues like guns, abortions and how to further advance homophobia and transphobia.

Some of these poor people even go to Rump rallies to watch that clown rooster strut while simultaneously lying to them.

It truly makes the heart sink.


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