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Blaire White is a very problematic character. A TERF who is also a transwoman is a bit of an oxymoron and with her “everyone else is invalid except me” attitude she becomes a bit of a cartoon character. A rational philosopher like Contrapoints she is not, and she could certainly make a nice tag team buddy to the likes of a Steven Crowder.

Blaire seems to be trapped in that old classic transsexual argumentation of decades past where everyone who didn’t fit a certain stereotype was invalidated as a fraud. In that sense she reminds me a little of “Cloudy” or Anne Lawrence whose insistence on hammering away at selling Blanchardian pseudoscience at the expense of their own identities seems oddly counterintuitive.

Characters like Ms. White lose credibility with me not only because their attempts to look like a genetically modified Barbie undermines their derision of other trans people, but also because they have trapped themselves into a corner with no rational argumentation for their viewpoint.

But then isn’t that what the YouTube format is for? There is always someone there willing to listen.

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  1. White's credo seems to be, "I have a terrible disease for which there is much suffering and no cure. The only thing I can do so as not to kill myself is to physically transition, and try to conform to every standard of prettiness and femininity so that I earn society's toleration, but I refuse to be delusional and say I am cis." As though there is a horde of trans people who are saying they are cis that she must combat to keep the world sane. She impresses me as not merely a bad influence, but a very unhappy person.

    Speaking of Contrapoints, (who engaged in a "debate" with White before she transitioned, a "debate" widely regarded as one Contrapoints lost) I'm pretty sure her character Tiffany Tumbles is based on Blaire White. Tumbles seems a spot-on representation of the trans woman White likely is. Just my opinion, though.

    1. Tiffany Tumbles and other Contrapoints characters on, "Are Traps Gay?":


    2. She reminds me of those trans people who say they have a condition, transition and then go about disowning every other trans person. You don't get to do that and retain any sort of credibility. It just reaks of insecurity.

      I have seen all Contrapoints videos by the way 😁

    3. Agreed. She seems to think that if you don't suffer dysphoria so bad you either want to kill yourself or have as many surgeries as possible, you just don't count - as trans, as a woman, as anything but a pretender. Insecurity is the polite term. I have no right to say to, but to me, it wreaks of self loathing.

      And Contrapoints is addicting, no? She has to be one of the most important YouTube voices in the modern era, not just for trans folks, but for the political left in general, which is underfunded and underrepresented on YouTube just like every mass media platform in the Western world right now. I love that she transitioned online. I love her honesty. I love her creativity. And I love that many younger people who get sucked down the rabbit hole of alt right YouTube sometimes find her, and snap out of it. People like Crowder and White (improbably appropriate names) can only aspire to Contrapoints' brilliance.


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