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an acquired taste

Many trans people, particularly older ones, confused acceptance with being tolerated. It's an honest mistake since, after all, many of us were so hungry for any signs that weren't outright rejection that we jumped at any morsels thrown our way.

They are, needless to say, not the same thing.

It's perfectly understandable and natural that conventional women don't fancy transwomen but then we aren't conventional and perhaps deserve to be paired up with the unconventional; whether that be a woman or a man. Imagine someone like me who was light years away from self acceptance and how any indication of not wretching would be welcomed as an embracing on a grand scale. However, I am no longer looking for approval of that kind because I have bestowed it upon myself.

Once you are free of that affliction you can be open to much better because there is nothing wrong with you. For you are, at the very worst, an acquired taste.


  1. "Tolerance" is the most I believe I can demand be enforced by law, but that is a very low bar.

    Even "acceptance," as important a step forward as it is, is paltry compared to "embrace" and "love." I feel I can demand acceptance from society (though not actually enforce it - I have to persuade it), but embracing and loving trans people, well, you have to be able to embrace and love *people*.

    I am very fortunate to have people in my life who accept, embrace and love me. But, yes, first I had to accept, embrace and love myself. And my "self" as well. ;)


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