I'll Fly Away

Joshua Brand and John Falsey created some of the most poignant television drama of the late 1980's and early 1990's and this was one of my favorite shows of theirs. Set in the mid 1960's rural American south it dealt with racial tensions caused by a divide that was quickly sparking controversy due its changing nature.

Sam Waterston plays a widowed lawyer trying to raise his young family in this environment aided by his maid Regina Taylor, a young black woman with a strong and independent spirit, who tries to make sense of her world in the best way she can. Both Waterston and Taylor won Emmys for their performances.

The gender and race roles back then were cast in stone and there seemed no way to change them but this was the beginning of that breaking away.

This is not a complete episode but instead a 10 minute clip that will remind you of what a great show this was. It's a pity it only ran for 2 years....


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