my expanding universe

It seems that I am now unofficially Patricia’s big sister and she will sometimes text me “how is your day going big sis?”

We have become close since we met each other over a business proposition, and she is hopefully on the cusp of making a real go of her company.

She has only met me in male mode once, so she only thinks of me as a woman. I have written here before that if I hadn’t told her I was trans she wouldn’t have known which was very validating. But I had to tell her because she had contacted the male and not the female and so I made a now or never decision to only present as Joanna right from the outset. This way I could test what it would feel like to do business as a woman which then led to that presentation I attended as Joanna. An event which turned out to be almost anticlimactic.

It has been proven to me over the years that gender is such a small part of who we are and what comes out of our brains is so much more important. But for me gender and all its trappings was a huge hurdle I could not get past.

Patricia has given me the chance to challenge myself and my self imposed limitations. My time living mostly as a woman in Toronto in 2017 plus working with her has been very edifying and has expanded my universe just a little bit more.

So I move along carefully but with one foot always ready to press on the brake which has always been my way.


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