patient record

It's interesting to see your own medical chart over the years. I am waiting for my leg surgery and I was in the pre admission office seeing the doctor.

She scrolls down the medical history: kidney stone, carotid artery dissection, colonoscopy and then I see the diagnosis of gender dysphoria. It stares at me in the face and the pre admission doctor briefly asks me about it.

That part of the history comes from Dr. Morris who I may never see again. But there it is in my medical file. Part of my permanent patient record.


  1. Out of curiosity, what was your gender presentation when the doctor commented about it?

    1. I was dressed as Joanna but when I went through my whole history I matched the majority of his patients. He also told me I was among the top 10% of his patients in terms of general presentation, mannerisms, voice etc. and left it to me to continue or not.


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