The young woman asked if she could assist me.

"Yes, can you help me pick a colour of eye shadow? I was leaning towards the copper shade"

"Oh yes I think that's a good choice for you"

She advised me how to best apply it and I complimented her on her makeup.

I then went to the cash and the young lady who knows me asked if I wanted to cash in some of my Sephora points but I declined. There was nothing interesting at the counter so I decided to keep collecting them.

Later I went to Yves Rocher and picked up some makeup remover pads

"Do you have your points card Madame?"

I did but once again I realized how much you have to spend to get very little in return. Good thing I am not a big spender at these stores.


  1. Given the cost of makeup, it is hard not to be a big spender!

    1. true but I wear just the minimum I need because I have found all these creams and correctors do very little. A good basic cream to start before foundation and then eyeliner and lipstick and that's it. This eyeshadow will last me a long time


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